Friday, 20 September 2019

"How the prime minister can suspend Parliament"

For your Friday reading, we bring you a blog post from the Oxford University Press, featuring a paper which Kara Dimitruk published in the European Review of Economic History's August 2018 issue. In the post, Kara discusses the political history of Parliamentary closures and the legislative impacts of these closures, as well as how this history informs our understanding of modern legislative processes.

The paper, "I Intend Therefore to Prorogue”: the effects of political conflict and the Glorious Revolution in parliament, 1660–1702", takes a deep dive into Parliamentary closures, political conflict, and difficulties with bill passages, in the 17th century - all topics which feel very familiar to anyone reading current headlines.

We all know that economic history informs the present, but Kara's lesson on "How the prime minister can suspend Parliament" is an especially timely and informative read.

Follow the link above or click here for the blog post, and here for the paper. More about Kara's research is available on her website, here.


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